Treasure map tutorial in Minecraft


Treasure map tutorial in Minecraft

Minecraft treasure can be very valuable. It will have a Heart of the Sea which is required to build a conduit. It will have good loot, and it will fulfill a Bedrock Edition achievement. Treasure maps can make it difficult to find treasure. Here are some tips to help you use them.

Find treasure on a Minecraft map

Two places can players find a Minecraft treasure map: the ocean and the ruins of shipswrecks. Treasure maps will be found in shipwrecks and ocean ruins. They can contain treasure from far or near, but they will always be the nearest treasure in the world.

The treasure map can be used by players just as a regular map. The map can be used by Minecraft treasure hunters who should follow the X direction until they reach the end of the map. This is indicated by the map receiving some color. Players can then reorient the map and move towards the X.

Minecraft uses X to mark the spot. However, it is not exact. Although the X is small, it covers a large area of land. Small islands are often the best places to find treasure, but this is not always true. The X should be as close as possible to the player's location so they can start digging.

Although there is no way to know the exact location of the chest, it is often under the sand. However, it has been found to be under rocks and underwater. Digging down multiple blocks in a large area is advisable. A shovel and torch are great tools to break up the falling sand.

Although Minecraft players will eventually find the treasure some times it can take a while. The reward is well worth the wait.

It is definitely worth spending a lot of time searching for treasure.