Star trader achievement guide


Star trader achievement guide

Mojang has released the long-awaited Minecraft 1.18 update a few weeks ago. The Overworld generation was completely redesigned in the second phase of Caves and Cliffs.

You can find huge mountains reaching heights of Y 256, and caves slumbering at Y -59. These dramatic changes brought new innovations to Minecraft.

Minecraft's Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update brought new features to the game. Each of them involves 1.18 features in some way. This article will guide players to Star Trader. It is one of four new advancements.

Star Trader advancement in Minecraft

Some players might guess that Star Trader advancement includes villagers from the name. The description of advancement states that you can trade with a villager up to the maximum build height limit.

Although the description is simple and concise, it can be difficult to get this advancement. Minecraft 1.18 updated increased the upper build limit from Y 256 to Y320. It was previously set at Y256.

To gain this advancement, players will need to move a wandering trader or villager from the surface to the upper limit of their build and trade with them. This is a step-by-step guide to how to get Star Trader advancement.

Step 1: Make an elevator

There is no mountain that can reach heights above 320. An elevator is the only way to lift a villager above its build limit. To move the villager up, players can either build a water or piston elevator.

Redstone engineers will likely choose a piston elevator. Redstone-inexperienced players can also build an elevator with a bubble water column. The elevator must reach the top of this world.

Step 2: Capture the villager

To become Star Traders, players will need a villager. Wandering traders are also an option if players fail to locate one. Take a wandering trader or villager to the elevator in a boat or minecart.

Step 3: Follow the villager to the elevator

The players will need to bring the villager captured to the elevator. If the water elevator is working, you will need to break the minecart/boat so that the villager can be pushed into the elevator. Redstone elevator builders can activate the elevator by placing the minecart/boat along with the villager.

Step 4: Make a deal with the villager

Players will need to place a block for a workstation once the villager has reached the limit. You can trade any item with the villager, and voila! Star Trader advancement is reached.

Star Trader allows players to achieve a new limit of build. Players can now use the elevator to reach the top of the world after gaining this achievement.