Secret base in Minecraft


Secret base in Minecraft

Redstone tools are one of the best features in Minecraft. Minecraft is well-known for its creativity, but it also has an amazing technical community that creates incredible machines with Redstone.

Redstone is like electricity in Minecraft. Players can use it to make signals and have other items perform a task. Redstone is unlimited in its capabilities, and players are free to do whatever they want with it. Secret doors are one of the most loved things about Redstone.

Reddit user u/Extension-Pick-7745 showcased their sneaky hidden entrance to their base on r/Minecraft, the biggest Minecraft subreddit. This post attracted the attention of many Redditors, and it received more than 12K upvotes.

Reddit user u/Extension-Pick-7745 posted a video showcasing a sneaky way to enter their hidden base. OP (Original poster) plays on a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server. OP constructed a base under the ground to protect their valuables.

The clip starts with u/Extension-Pick-7745 exploring a regular forest in the Overworld. OP climbs up to a regular-looking oak tree, and places a Redstone torch onto its trunk. This opened an entry under another oak tree.

OP jumped down the hole to land on a block made of water to stop any fall injuries. OP found a simple interior of planks, stones inside the secret base. There were many chests and other necessities in the base, including crafting tables and furnaces.

After showcasing the base, OP revealed their secret base's exit. It looks even more thrilling than its entrance. After being pushed from a TNT explosion, OP fled the base. TNTs didn't destroy any blocks because of the water.


Many Redditors were interested in OP's secret base and many commented. Reddit user u/faded_noises pointed out OP's costly exit, which used three TNTs. Redditor u/faded-noises responded to the comment, saying that OP could have used pistons and slime blocks instead.

Redditor u/GeometryJosh21 was impressed by OP's Redstone torch trick, but suggested that the secret base could be easily discovered by cutting down trees. OP replied and said that all underground bases can be found using brute-forcing.

Redditor u/Gellfling suggested that OP use a tripwire hook as a way to close the secret entry after they have logged in. OP uses a button on the video to lock the door manually.