Best uses for diamonds


Best uses for diamonds

Minecraft contains a lot of minerals, metals and ores. Every one of these can be used to create weapons, armor and other items, with the exception of copper. However, diamonds are the most valuable and sought-after material in the game.

Although Netherite gear is statistically superior to diamonds, it is still much more rare than diamonds. If players want to have a complete netherite gear set, they will need diamond gear.

It is difficult to find diamond ore and it is rarely found in large quantities. The official peak for the production of diamonds has drastically changed since the Caves and Cliffs update. You can find diamonds between Y levels 50 and -64. The best Y level is -58 and -59 for this resource.

You will need to mine the diamond underground. However, you can find chest loot for your treasure in these structures:

1) Weapons, tools and armor

You can use diamonds to make high-tier armor sets, weapons and tools. The lowest-tier pickaxes, the diamond pickaxes, can pick up obsidian blocks and break them. This increases the tool's worth.

Diamond ranks second among the six material tiers in the game, just behind Netherite. Diamond gear has a durability count 1561 and is known for its incredible strength and durability. It also boasts superior mining speed, enchantability, and superior mining speed.

2) Enchanting table

To create an enchanting table, you will need one diamond. This block allows players the ability to infuse their books and gear with enchantments that enhance their properties or strengthen their gear.

Block of Diamond

A Block of Diamond can be made using nine diamonds, just like other resources. These can be used for decoration or storage, but are mostly used to power beacons.

4) Firework star

To craft fireworks stars, you will need one diamond. These are usually used to craft firework rockets and put up fireworks in the in-game skies.

Clay “Dream”, a YouTuber, has shown them in his video “Minecraft Speedrunners VS 4 Hunters GRAND Finale”. They deal an incredible amount of damage and can be combined with a crossbow to wipeout entire teams, if necessary.

5) Jukebox

To make a jukebox, you need one diamond. You can use them to play music using music discs. There are 14 music discs available in Minecraft 1.18.