Best food items in Minecraft


Best food items in Minecraft

The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update brought a lot of changes to the game. This update completely changed the way that worlds are generated and how far players can go. The update was huge, but much of the game is the same. The core elements of Minecraft remain the same, although the gameplay has been updated to a much larger extent.

Mobs still drop loot. The End is still the end. When players create a portal using obsidian, the Nether still spawns. Minecraft players must still eat food when they are hungry. Some foods are better than other for this purpose.

5) Baked potato

The best food source in Minecraft is baked potatoes. If the potato plant is fully grown, it can drop as many as four potatoes. They require coal or other fuel, but once baked, they have three hunger points and six points of saturation.

4) Beetroot soup

While beetroot soup is more expensive than baking potatoes, it's a better food option. You will need a bowl and six beetroots to make beetroot soup in Minecraft. It provides the same hunger relief as six beetroots, but takes much less time. It restores three hunger points, and 7.2 points saturation.


Steak is one of the best and easiest foods to eat. You can cook it, but you must kill a cow using a Fire Aspect Enchanted sword to drop it. It restores four hunger point and a staggering 12.8 points saturation. This is the highest score among normal foods.

2) Golden carrots

Golden carrots can restore three points of hunger, and they are much easier to make than gold apples. Apples cannot be farmed in mass quantities, but carrots can. Golden carrots require only eight golden nuggets while apples require eight ingots. They restore 14.4 saturation which is the highest of all Minecraft food.

1) Enchanted golden apples

They can restore two points of hunger, and 9.2 saturation. This is pretty impressive. They are best because they offer bonus hearts. These can be eaten by Minecraft players and they will receive two additional hearts of health. This makes them the best food in the game.