Minecraft Beacon Crafting

How do you create your first Minecraft beacon? Or you might just be curious about how to craft this rare and highly valuable item. A beacon in Minecraft can cost you a lot of time and resources. There are many materials that you will need which unfortunately won’t be as simple as just sprinting around … Read more

How to grow mangrove trees in Minecraft

The next major update to Minecraft is the Wild Update. Mojang has released another update to Minecraft, this time with more biomes. The mangrove swamp is one of The Wild Update’s main attractions. Mojang unveiled mangrove swamps at Minecraft Live 2021. This is a new type of swamp biomes. Many players agree that the old swamps were dull … Read more

Skeleton horse or Zombie horse

Two variants of the Minecraft horse mob are skeleton horses and zombie horses. Both are undead versions of the horse and share many similarities. They do have some key differences, however, from the regular horse mob. This article will cover everything you need to know about Minecraft’s zombie horses and skeleton horse mobs. This guide will explain … Read more

Guide to the void

The End is dangerous in Minecraft. It’s also the only place you can go to to defeat the Ender Dragon and find End Cities. These cities have some of the most valuable loot in Minecraft. It’s still a dangerous area where Minecraft players are more likely to die than any other. This is all thanks to the Endermen … Read more

Treasure map tutorial in Minecraft

Minecraft treasure can be very valuable. It will have a Heart of the Sea which is required to build a conduit. It will have good loot, and it will fulfill a Bedrock Edition achievement. Treasure maps can make it difficult to find treasure. Here are some tips to help you use them. Find treasure on a Minecraft map Two … Read more

Best texture packs for Minecraft

Minecraft Marketplace is Minecraft’s in-game shop. Creators in the Minecraft community can use it to upload and create their own designs. This store sells many player skins, texture pack, worlds and maps. There are both free and paid items on the Marketplace. Community creators get paid for the money players spend on their creations. The Minecraft Marketplace offers … Read more

Secret base in Minecraft

Redstone tools are one of the best features in Minecraft. Minecraft is well-known for its creativity, but it also has an amazing technical community that creates incredible machines with Redstone. Redstone is like electricity in Minecraft. Players can use it to make signals and have other items perform a task. Redstone is unlimited in its capabilities, and … Read more

Best food items in Minecraft

The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update brought a lot of changes to the game. This update completely changed the way that worlds are generated and how far players can go. The update was huge, but much of the game is the same. The core elements of Minecraft remain the same, although the gameplay has been updated to … Read more

Star trader achievement guide

Mojang has released the long-awaited Minecraft 1.18 update a few weeks ago. The Overworld generation was completely redesigned in the second phase of Caves and Cliffs. You can find huge mountains reaching heights of Y 256, and caves slumbering at Y -59. These dramatic changes brought new innovations to Minecraft. Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update … Read more

City builders dream biomes in Minecraft

It can be difficult to build a large city in Minecraft. However, players can make some time by finding the right location. Picking the right biome can make it easier to start a long-term project such as a city. Players can expect to encounter different challenges depending on their biome when they build things in Survival … Read more